Do More With Your Wardrobe


Buying a new dress for the festive season is one of life’s great pleasures – something sophisticated and special, perfect for those end-of-year parties and chic cocktail nights. But a show-stopping dress doesn’t have to hang in your wardrobe for the rest of the year – in fact, with a few simple styling tricks, your favourite after-dark dress can double as a nine-to-five staple.

 How to:

….dress down a little black dressflatlay_or_blog_04

Offset the form-fitting silhouette by adding a lightweight cardigan and cinching it in with a skinny waist belt. Swap your stilettos for a low block heel to make the look more work-appropriate.


….wear fringing by day    


Thanks to its demure midi length, this fringed dress turns out to be surprisingly appropriate for day. All you need to do is add a longline vest to provide some coverage and slip into a pair of casual sandals.


…do colour in the office



Jaffa may be a head-turning hue, but when paired with easy-wearing neutrals – think tan, cream or sesame – it becomes fair game for the office. Try a block-heeled mule to anchor the look.



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Men’s trend: cropped pants

cropped pants

In the past, they may have been a controversial choice, but lately, there’s been a shift in attitude – cropped pants have made the jump from the fringe to the mainstream. It’s not hard to see why: the style is contemporary yet classic, nodding to the 1950′s without feeling at all retro, and has the versatility to good on anyone. Right now, cropped pants feel like a refreshing change from basic chinos or jeans.

If you’re looking to try out the trend without committing, try a rolled trouser first – a tailored, straight-legged trouser with one or two precise rolls at the ankle looks very pulled together, and has the added advantage of showing off a patterned sock or dress shoe. Once you’ve acclimatised to the look, feel free to experiment with a pair of cropped pants – temper the look with fuss-free, casual pieces like a pair of minimalist trainers and a plain tee to strike a refined balance.

The beauty of the look is that you can push it as far as you’re comfortable with: a subtle crop allows you to flash a hint of colour with bright socks, while a more pronounced style (try it with no socks and boat shoes) signals a certain self-confidence. And the best part? You’ll keep cool – both literally and figuratively – for the long, hot summer ahead.


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Go Bold in Jaffa


A wardrobe full of neutral hues has an understated, minimalist appeal, but sometimes it pays to introduce a little colour to your look. Colour brightens the mood as much as it brightens an outfit, and right now, there’s nothing better than a bold pop of Jaffa to get you in the mood for warmer days (and holidays on the horizon).

This particular shade is a versatile hybrid – falling somewhere between orange and red, it emerges as somehow more wearable than either. Don’t be put off by its vibrant profile – in fact, this colour been specially selected by our design team because it’s universally flattering and goes well with so many other shades. Used right, it will bring your outfit to life: it brings out the rich tones in tan, pops with white and plays well with warm hues like cream or sesame.


Used sparingly as an accent colour, it adds warmth to your outfit and conveys a carefree, summery mood. Used as the focus, it will make heads turn as you walk in the room. If you’re not quite ready to wear top-to-toe Jaffa, consider introducing a pop of colour with a well-chosen accessory – a bright choker or clutch bag could be just the thing to invigorate your wardrobe.





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Bold Botanicals


This summer, we’ve redefined the botanical print – offered on both tees and shirts, the new iteration is bold but not gauche, eye-catching but not overwhelming. The key to making botanical prints wearable? Firstly, the palette – we’ve chosen a cool palette of blue, a perennial favourite that will fit seamlessly with the rest of your wardrobe. Secondly, the style – we’ve mixed botanical motifs with understated geometric patterns, which anchor the print and give it an unexpected, modern spin. Whether you choose a shirt with an all-over pattern  or a simple t-shirt with a placement print, the result is casual, fresh and very wearable – in other words, ideal for summer.


Offset vibrant prints with bold, block colours and simple shapes – try a pattern shirt with classic straight-leg jeans or neutral-hued chinos. Here, we’ve styled two ways to wear botanical prints: try a placement print tee paired with minimal sneakers for a weekend-ready look, or pair a printed short-sleeved shirt with relaxed shorts in a pale hue. The trick to making an all-over print work is to keep the palette simple – a blue-based print will always work when paired with other shades of blue.

Botanical Print T-Shirt, BLUE, hi-resRadiant Botanical Print Shirt, BLUE INK, hi-res


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High Summer

HIGH SUMMER 15: BEHIND THE CAMPAIGN header The skies are clear, the air is warm, and things seem lighter, brighter somehow. You can smell it on the air: summer is here. It’s a season that calls for effortless confidence – it’s time to experiment, to loosen up. It’s time to welcome the new. At SABA, we’re inspired by makers, creators and doers; by art and architecture, by music and photography, by thoughtful design and passionate creativity. We seek out innovators and inventors, and we’re endlessly inspired by those who make their mark on the world. We share the same drive – to do things differently. So to mark the summer season, we’ve created a campaign like no other, juxtaposing our new collection with a live-performance art installation unfolding in the background. It’s a concept that playfully breaks the mould, embracing the artistic instead of the predictable and welcoming a sense of spontaneity and excitement. With this in mind, we turned to mixed media artist Cindy Kavanagh to bring our vision to life. IMG_2133 IMG_2162 Kavanagh is a creative multi-tasker has worked as a fashion photographer, TV commercial producer and artist, and describes her work as “slightly tongue-in-cheek, although usually a little dark.” Her work echoes with intimacy and emotion conveyed via large-scale collages that combine her own photography with acquired material and imagery. “I’m influenced by Sally Mann and Dadaism,” says Kavanagh, explaining that she’s attracted to the surrealist techniques of and uses the nude as “a canvas to explore the hidden wonders of the world.” IMG_9388 Kavanagh was tasked with creating three artworks that would evolve over the course of the SABA high summer shoot, and provide the backdrop to the campaign. “Prior to the shoot, I created a number of mockups of different concepts at around A4 size to get a feel for the shape, colour and content of the piece. Once I’d decided on the final artwork, I had to scale all the individual elements up by 10 times their original size, in order to fit the 3m high and 4.5m wide finished canvas size, and have them recreated by a commercial printer.” 140810_SABA_M11_0018 When it came to shoot day, Kavanagh was ready to create the installation. “Having worked in the advertising world commercially for many years, coming onto the set was like coming home,” she explains. “The installation itself was super intense. Physically, it was very demanding to work on an installation of this scale, but the whole process was fun.” 140810_SABA_W21_0002 The finished artwork is striking: surreal figures pose on a stark black background, their proportions weirdly elongated. At the centre of the frame, a circular cutout resembles both a lunar scape and the ocean, while a tiger stands calmly in the foreground. Cut-out lips, apples and paper sailboats haunt the frame. “I wanted to create a piece that evoked a sense of the transitory nature of the world we live in,” explains Kavanagh. “I wanted to have a little fun and inject a sense of humour into the piece. My intention is always to create a mood that uplifts and asks a question.” IMG_2214


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The Story Of Linen


It is one of the world’s oldest textiles, dating back thousands of years when ancient Egyptians used the fabric for currency. Derived from the flax plant, linen is known for keeping its cool in the heat, making it an ideal fabric to sport in summer – in fact, you could say that summer and linen go together as naturally as gin and tonic. Our linen suiting is made from a luxe wool-linen blend sourced from Italy – the wool adds resilience, the linen keeps things light, and both fabrications are natural, breathable and a canny choice for warm weather.


Make linen suiting feel modern with tonal shirting and tan or chocolate leather accessories. For a weekend-friendly take, break up the look by pairing a linen jacket with casual chinos and this season’s Lindeman shoe. Once the weather warms up, forgo the jacket and opt for a breezy linen t-shirt – paired with cropped pants or relaxed shorts, you’ll strike the right balance between staying cool and looking smart.M12_140603_SABA_0013



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